This tutorial provided us with an interesting and somewhat unique approach to story telling. Ella provided us with some paper and pencils and asked us to write a sentence – whether it be a story or just a plain sentence using the words she provided. At first, confused – I began to write a story. We went around the room and I was fascinated by how differently my peers interpreted the activity and it was a really intriguing experience. We were then instructed to create an series of still images, similar to Chris Marker’s ‘La Jetee‘ which we had viewed the previous week based on one our stories. We decided to go with Sarah’s story – which was one I thought was quite interesting as it was so different to my approach to the exercise. I also thought that it possessed the most potential for a poetic visualisation out of all of our stories.

I believe that as a group we were able to work cohesively and with each other’s strengths. With each member of the group having somewhat of a already visualised image or concept allowed us to discuss and storyboard strategically what our images would be to compliment the text excerpt. Although some of our images were quite literal in a sense (e.g. light = photo of a ceiling light), we knew when something was too literal too the point where it wasn’t creative or too obvious – this also help drastically with the way in which we began to take photos. Especially with the time given to us, I believe that we worked well within the given time frame and was able to create an interesting array of images.

However, that being said – my favourite image

Photo used to represent ‘light’

was definitely the last one which was just a black square to symbolise death as it provided visual simplicity, and was conceptually deep and impactful. Through this, I realised that a possible exploration of expressing film that I would like to explore for this subject was the use of subject simplicity and content heavy visuals that really make a viewer interact or reflect and respond.

Through this, I began to reflect on my own understanding of the word ‘lacuna’ and how it has developed since the previous week. My understanding of the ‘lacuna’ has now developed where I see it as a space or proximity between people, people’s connections to others, places and spaces. I find that through this, I will be able to explore a much more conceptually poetic and artistic approach towards our final project.

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