Our group approach to planning Task 2 was to decide our roles, experiment and create a storyboard together. We’ve discussed that it’d be best if we all gathered together and focused on filming together so clashes of different ideas wouldn’t happen and everyone would have an experience with every role as we weren’t particularly strict on what we wanted to do. As part of the aim this week, we were to build a base storyboard to get us started on what we wanted to film.

As a starting point, we reflected on the feedback which was to be more experimental. We reconsidered our concepts and worked out the three possibilities:

Concept one:
Take-a-photo installation: Filming reactions as people use disposable cameras to take selfies. The act of taking the picture is to have the idea of breaking/intruding personal space between strangers and interactions. This would be set up in a local park as a form of experimental installation.

Concept two:
Street sign installation: Filming of how people react to unofficial street sign instructions such as ‘no smoking area’ sign. There are people who often obey these rules and the aim is to communicate invisible space through the control of people and their internal thoughts towards these signs.

Concept three:
Exposed personal space installation: Interactions between personal and public space communicated through the use of objects that make people feel like they are at home, and/or a clothing line that hangs undergarments – in a way to make people feel uncomfortable being in an intimate and awkward space. Assuming that people walking pass would just ignore the installation, there’s this hidden space between them that tells them it is physically there but ignore the fact that it is because of how they feel towards such revealing and private objects.

The idea of having installations as part of all three concept was figured out to be experimental in a way that the actions are unexpected between people and their interactions.

From feedback of discussing these ideas, we were told that they didn’t have much of an outcome. All reactions were predictable. It has been highly suggested that we get right into experimental filming.

To begin with experimental filming, we worked out we really wanted to do close-up shots of people and came up with the following results:


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