During STUVAC, there was a huge focus on getting our concept concreted. Our group wanted to push more into the idea of our initial idea “invisible space” so that lead to “interactions between people and the unspoken feelings between strangers (Anxiety)” to be our main concept. The aim during the duration of two weeks from the beginning of STUVAC to the first week of coming back was to look at having three scenes (per person) of what we want to film physically relating to interactions between people. The idea of this task was to keep things moving and get a clearer idea of what we want to achieve as a group. Through the process of undertaking this task, my final three scenes resulted:


Scene one –

Present to past.

Link to main theme of interactions and thoughts between people:
What caused anxiety? A triggered piece of memory of the past brings back the different forms of space – Present and past comparison.

Example scene:
Elevator scene with a classmate you see often but have never spoken to them before. You decided to strike up a conversation after seeing them for a couple of times. Your fears slowly start to consume your mind in a series of jumbled flashbacks overlayed on top of each other and played in a way the viewer gets the sense of where the fear is coming from and why conversations were never initiated from an earlier stage of meeting.

Additional notes:
Possibly film nostalgic childhood locations.
Scene two –

Anxiety in relation to phobias.

Link to main theme of interactions and thoughts between people:
An metaphor for “invisible space” is anxiety between people.

Example scene:
Fears of going on an escalator; an uncomfortable feeling. What thoughts would you have when you are not given the choice to take the stairs? How will going on the elevator affect you? What feelings are involved? What does an elevator look like?

Additional notes:
Mesmerise and dizzy scenes.


Scene three –


Link to main theme of interactions and thoughts between people:
Memories as a form of invisible space.

Example scene:
How do you connect to a building, a place? Visually throwing back memories from places such as an exam room – atmosphere. Celebrating the hates and joys of being in that place. These places could include: university, parks, and shopping centres that lead onto memories of our daily lives.

Experimental photography:
Artboard 4.png
Experimental photography of places and textures was undertaken as a group activity to act as the starting point of the project.

To sum up, this was an excellent to start off with idea generation. From the feedback, scenes discussed were too clichéd, and we needed to look into a more abstract approach to the film. It was suggested that we needed to be more experimental with how we wanted to communicate the concept.


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