How can lacuna be visually explored and represented in the context of public human interaction? Gathering stimulation from the film, sound and comedic techniques of 20th century satirists, depict the empty space we see in the learned tension of societal communication.

Inspired by the works of Charlie Chaplin and Jaques Tati, we’ve decided to use a blank studio space and simplistic props to convey the cautious and stunted nature of strangers interacting. Minimalistic sound and colour, along with static camera angles and no dialogue force the viewer to engage in the awkwardness of the situation. We developed our ideas by viewing human interaction and then choreographing one of our own, dramatising the rigidity and anxiety seen in our actors’ body language. The box is symbolic of the unspoken gaps between strangers; neither party address, but both are aware it is there.

Taking onbaord the constructive feedback from both the tutors and our peers last week, I believe that we were able to finesse our final video into it’s highest potential in regards to the given time frame. We added in some uses of sounds that attempted to explore the moods/themes of waiting, anxiety and discomfort – which were all themes we were really attempting to portray throughout the entire video such as the constant picking of a off-key guitar string. We color graded the video in order to keep the color palette and settings as similar as possible to each scene in order to create a cohesive color palette, and we cropped the video into a square on a black background – very similar to the works of Jacques Tati where it was displayed in a square frame. I learned how to add in a glitch effect, and we thought that since glitches was a technique that we had researched and explored in the earlier weeks within our research, that we could incorporate it within the final video for conceptual and visual effect. The conceptual effect being that we wanted the final video to look almost like a random channel flickering on the television, similar to French comedy television shows such as the ones of Jacques Tati. As human interactions are sometimes forced or sometimes natural, since Sagar and Lanny (in the video) were instructed by us on what to do, it explores the almost choreographed/forced nature of human interactions, whether it be with strangers or friends and family members, almost like a show. And how we choose to react to human interactions between strangers and loved ones is solely up to us as individuals, therefore, altering our future human interactions with others and our situations in life (e.g. Lanny ignoring Sagar falling down whilst she is sitting on the cube – the choosing of ignorance from strangers – we establish people as strangers through the lack of human interactions with certain people).

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