After a stressful few weeks , Haesun and Karina booked a studio and filmed 2 actors to portray our new concept. We felt out old concept about clutter space and chaos was giving us limitations in what to film. So we decided to let go of our pre conceived ideas of what the film should look like and start filming and see what happens.

Below are the screen shots of original footage from this week: (BEFORE EDITING)

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.37.00 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.37.08 pm.png

We are yet to add sound into it as chloe and I are working on sound and editing of the film. After screening a preview of our film and getting feedback from other class members it became apparent that there was quite a comical side to our film we all over looked.  Ella mentioned to look into the film styles of  French satirists Jaques Tati and René Goscinny as further research into this can help us reframe our concept and hypotheis to relate more to our film.  Is our new concept about less of a research into human movement/interaction, but rather a comical commentary of private people in public spaces?

After talking with ella we all watched the following screen from  Mon Oncle by Jaques Tati.



The following scemce depicts him interacting with a modern kitchen. He is struggling to come to grips with the working of the kitchen and finds himself dropping things and banging into thinks. He appears to be making innocent mistakes just like our actor in our film when he walked into  the cube.  They used sound to highlight this funny moment a incorrect buzz like sound that we could also adapt in our film.

Feedback from class members from our pre screening Below.





Our new Research Question: How can lacuna be visually explored and represented in the context of public human interaction? Gathering stimulation from the film, sound and comedic techniques of 20th century satirists, depict the empty space we see in the learned tension of societal communication.
Answer: Inspired by the works of Charlie Chaplin and Jaques Tati, we’ve decided to use a blank studio space and simplistic props to convey the cautious and stunted nature of strangers interacting. Minimalistic sound and colour, along with static camera angles and no dialogue force the viewer to engage in the awkwardness of the situation. We developed our ideas by viewing human interaction and then choreographing one of our own, dramatizing the rigidity and anxiety seen in our actors’ body language. The box is symbolic of the unspoken gaps between strangers; neither party address, but both are aware it is there.

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