After feedback from Mel and Ella, finding out that if we were to set up something within a park it would be quite difficult as we would need to get approval form council that would take us around 2 weeks. So we decided to strip down our idea back to basics and focus on the main core that we have wanted to focus on – which was human interactions. We wanted to keep the color palette minimal, yet quite poetic and abstract.

We booked a photography studio and grabbed 2 people and got them to act out situations that we told them to. Aspects of this was quite humorous and almost absurd. We utilized a cube plinth, and thought that that could be a symbolic gesture of our concept of something that is there but is ignored/un seen. We thought that this was an interesting yet very experimental way to portray our concept of the lacuna which explores the unspoken space between humans that is broken daily through human interactions. At this moment, we kept the video silent as we had not thought of sound yet, but also liked it without it. We were inspired by the Clark Beaumont work ‘Coexisting’ (2013) where 2 strangers were instructed to share a single plinth for 8 hours and that was documented.

coexisting low quality for web_v2.jpg
‘Coexisting’ (2013) – Clark Beaumont

Draft Video:

After getting feedback from the tutors and the class, it was very useful for us to see what we could add in before the final hand-in to better our video. The feedback we received from the tutors and class included the needing of color grading, as it did have a bit of a yellowy tinge and was not as white and crisp as we wanted to be. It was also not shown with our intended cropping method we wanted to utilize where it was a square on a black background. One major component that we needed to work on was sound and that it something we will be focusing on throughout the next week before the hand in, and see how we can utilize it in an effective way. As we had research from the beginning, we have tried our best to incorporate ideas of each group members such as close ups of people, conveying a mood through the use of abstract visuals.etc. however, we will go through the clips and try and incorporate more scenes that we did not use for the draft video.

Due to the humorous nature of our video, Ella suggested we look at the works of Jacques Tati and Koki Tanaka. Tati explores the idea of choreographed actions in order to create a reaction, and to examine the relationship between absurdity and humour. Whilst, the works of Koki Tanaka employs and compliments our idea of using the plinth as Tanaka’s works employs the strange use of objects.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.53.40 AM.png
Monsieur Hulot au bureau – Jacques Tati

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