Armando Iannucci’s 2009 film ‘In The Loop’ is an almost documentary like film that explores the situation between the UK Prime Minister (Malcolm Tucker) and the US President suggesting to start a war. However, things take an interesting turn of events when Tucker inadvertently promotes the war on television and therefore, attracts and gains a large amount of interest and attention from the US Government.


The scene I have decided to focus on the scene where Jamie (Malcolm’s Senior Press Officer and Second-in-command to Malcolm Tucker) destroys the fax machine after suspecting somebody within his office had leaked a document. Evidently, Jamie is extremely angry, however, the scene is shown within a hysterical, humorous and almost absurd context. The documentary like filming of the panning shot without cuts from the printer to his employees provides the viewer with a point of view perspective, making them feel part of the scene. The comedic dramatic sense is also heightened with the opera singing sound element used within the background whilst Jamie is destroying the fax machine. Whilst humorous, it emphasises the seriousness of the action and how it may damage Jamie’s career. Iannucci’s use of continuous panning shots along with fast movements following Jamie walking around the office, only cutting to close up shots of the fax machine, worsening in condition and developing more damage. Through the use of these camera angles and movements, it heightens the sense of chaos and agitation. The fax machine could be seen as a symbolic representation of Jamie’s mental state, emotions, career and current situation. Similar to the rest of the film, the color palette within most scenes are quite cohesive, possessing a sense of calmness with the soft off-yellow, which is not seen so much when showing Jamie’s face (possibly showing a sense of contrast of different emotions, or contrast to the chaotic outburst of Jamie’s actions within a less-busy background/setting). I believe that this scene was a great reflection of the film as it is humorous and portrays the ideas of absurdity, and plays on the ideas of miscommunication and the effects of it, which is one of the main reoccurring themes of which this film is widely about, as Tucker miscommunicated his thoughts pointing towards backing a war, and whilst the fax machine could be interpreted in a symbolic manner of the situations of miscommunication can lead to o a largely global scale by politicians.

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