As the final hand in date draws closer, we have decided that the group would be better off if we all met together and attempted to film together in order to create a cohesive production that incorporates everyone’s desired ideas and aspects, instead of working individually and putting clips together or splitting the group into pairs. This week, we really decided to focus on the feedback provided back to us from the previous week from Mel and Ella and decide finally to choose how we wanted to represent our concepts and visions and definitions of the lacuna in a experimental yet artistic and abstract way. In the last group meeting, we brainstormed some interesting ideas that we could possibly explore and document.



Idea 1: Setting up a stand in a local park with a disposable camera and allowing strangers to take photos on it. This breaking down the barriers of human interactions between strangers, and strangers allowing others to enter their personal space/lives for a brief moment.

Idea 2: Placing an authorative sign (something similar to a NO SMOKING or NO LOITERING sign) in a high traffic area and record to see how strangers react to it, whether they obey it or not. We thought this idea would be an interesting way to explore the spaces shared by the public and how we are told to act/behave within a space.

Idea 3: Setting up a clothes line in a park, and hanging intimate apparel/garments (i.e. underwear, bras .etc) and documenting how strangers react to it, work around it.etc. We thought this idea would be a great way to signify the exposing of one’s personal space to the public, therefore, their daily lives – emotions, feelings.

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