“Lacuna is comfortable – it is a space to breathe and understand what is going on within it or surrounding it. It is the transition that defines one scene to the next. It is what completes a puzzle.” —Karina Huang.

A quick exercise was undertaken as our group’s starting point to Task 2(B) to describe how we feel individually about Lacuna. This was my brief interpretation of Lacuna. While I came up with this interpretation, I thought about Lacuna acting as space that can’t be seen but is present. A very strong effect that may be worth exploring was overlays and glitch effects. From past experiences, I’ve seen them being used to visually describe something briefly and act as a bridge from one scene to next. It’s often something that appears during scenes that need to communicate rapid movement, distortion and mystery. This makes room for the audience to think about what is happening in their own interpretation. A mood board has been created to describe the type of techniques mentioned.

Artboard 1
Overlays and glitches can be used to create a 3D-dimension even if it is 2D. The act of combining and overlaying objects or projections together creates a sense of movement, mood and sometimes history.

Artboard 2
Overlays are also used to create an imaginative situation in a realistic atmosphere. Collages are created this way.

During the group discussion, we got a clearer idea of how we saw Lacuna as a group. Lacuna was an invisible space to us. We want to communicate feelings and create different interpretations of Lacuna. Our idea was that we don’t seem to appreciate space as much as it is there. Through this project, we want to explore the difference between cluttered spaces and empty spaces. We want our audience to realise how important it is to have space, how it connects to our feelings and their interpretation of lacuna.

As a starting point to get ideas going, our group defined lacuna individually, came up with a final concept, announce it to the class and receive their one-word response to the concept. This exercise was interesting and helpful as it lead us to an expansion of our concept and theme. From this, we had the visualisation of erosion coming across – something disappearing to create space. This allowed us to generate a possible theme that looks washed out and greyscale with hints of rust. We’ve also considered using colours of reflection and refraction to help us with better communicate our ideas across.

Concept development + matching image – This exercise helped with discovering our colour palette and expand on what we had earlier.

Artboard 3
Our past exercise on projection mapping gave us the opportunity to play with the colours of reflection – we thought this was a great strategy to create a mood.


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