My personal definition of lacuna…

“Lacuna for myself is an empty space, whether physical or psychological which provides an individual or others with a certain feeling, memory, sense or attachment”

My definition explores the connections between individuals and places and the unspoken significance it possesses to that specific individual. An example of this could be a room of a childhood home growing up, moving out and viewing the empty room which is now attached with memories, a sense of nostalgia, and feelings, or packing up a deceased family member or friend’s home.
Through the past few weeks, the development of potential ideas to turn into our concept for our final project have slowly began to present themselves through explorations, both within the group and each group member personally. At this point currently, as the common key words within all of our group member’s definitions are the word ’empty’ and ‘space’. Whether it be physical or invisible, we want to emote a subjective mood that can be interpreted in many different ways by different individuals, we have agreed to keep the final project quite abstract yet minimally sleek and tasteful.

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