This week, we really decided to focus on ideas to film. We needed to focus on how we wanted to  t represent our concepts and visions and definitions of the lacuna in film still using an abstract technique of filming.


 1: Setting up a stand in a local park with a disposable camera and allowing strangers to take photos on it.

  •  could be good as a montage work for film like La jetee)
  • would people just ignore it?
  • what are we hoping on getting out of this? is there a end result?
  • where do we stand in filming legally in a public place?


2: Placing an authoritative sign  in a high traffic area and record to see how strangers react to it, whether they obey it or not.

  • would people just ignore it?
  • what will we say on the sign?
  • are we looking to film forced human reactions or natural human reactions?

3: Setting up a clothes line in a park, and hanging intimate apparel/garments (i.e. underwear, bras .etc) and documenting how strangers react to it, work around it.etc.

  • Forcing the audience to have a response to our work.
  • will they just ignore it?





Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 8.08.40 pm.png17883660_10155187561314197_180190976308935261_n.jpg

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