17554541_10154358796697478_6939674324716325545_n.jpg  17760156_10154358796612478_8829075810271157478_n.jpg
17798950_10154358796667478_1227682483591495721_n.jpg17759843_10154358796622478_5969138438203985544_n.jpg  17795683_10154358796582478_4796667095531913539_n.jpg

This’s week’s tutorial allowed us to explore movement within an interesting way. Kinetic movements, a collection of chain reactions setting off another. Through this, we worked collaboratively with the team before us, in order to decide what our starting reaction would be. We used a variety of smaller based items such as a post tube, mini dictionary and a pin pong ball as our main point of movement. As we needed to add an element of sound, we decided to twist a length of wire and place it in a column, and placed a handful of safety pins – hoping it will rattle as the pin pong ball ran through it.


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