noun: lacuna; plural noun: lacunae; plural noun: lacunas
  1. 1.
    an unfilled space; a gap.
    • a missing portion in a book or manuscript.
  2. 2.
    a cavity or depression,

My initial understanding of the word ‘lacuna’ was somewhat of a vague definition – simply, a unfilled space. Although vague, I believed that it provided with me quite a broad approach towards the subject and what was possible to achieved through film.Pulp-Fiction.jpgOur in class activity allowed us to explore other creatives’ visions and perspectives and their interests. The image I chose was a scene from Quentin Tarrantino’s 1994 film ‘Pulp Fiction‘. What I really admired about the image was the visual simplicity of the scene, however it was quite content heavy in regards to their conversation. What I found interesting visually about the scene was also the use of colours, as it wasn’t too visually busy, with the hint of candy apple red and hints of blue from the signs contrasted with the black. What also added interest to the scene personally was the fact that the positioning of the camera was outside of the car window, therefore an extra barrier was created with the viewer and the lights reflected onto the window were showing on top of the characters.Image-001.jpgMy initial understanding of the ‘lacuna’ was further developed after the first lesson and viewing of Chris Marker’s film ‘La Jetee‘. The film explores an experiment of time travel, constructed of singular images rather than a moving image. A looming theme throughout the film is the idea of the psyche and fragmented reality and imagination. An admirable trait of the film personally was the visual simplicity of the film and its’ effectiveness of how that intensified the effect of the film. It was a visual illustration of time, whilst cultivating auditory senses – through the use of interesting yet simple sounds such as the constant thudding which built the ambience, long pauses which allowed the viewer to reflect and process, and create their own interpretation of the film. An interesting takeaway from the film that I noticed was the mix of genres in regards to the visuals and themes suggesting influences of horror, thriller and love.

Ultimately, after the first tutorial, I am excited to see the possibilities and channels we will be able to explore throughout the project in search of the lacuna.

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Pulp Fiction. Web. 15 Mar. 2017.


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